Hazard Reporting, Online.

BIMSafe was a great project where we were tasked with building a mobile application for Android and iOS devices – it was designed to be operated in high hazard and risk locations. A worker would be able to log into the mobile system and log any potential risks or hazards. The risk or hazard reported would then be sent to a central system via an API that would then be viewable by management teams who would be able to filter and resolve anything that was deemed unsafe.

One of the most crucial parts of this application was the storage of the collected data. In certain facilities, there would be no guarantee that there would always be either a Wi-Fi signal or a cellular signal to send information back to a central database. The way we got around this was by storing a copy of the reported issue to a local database and ensuring the device holds onto this information until it is reconnected to the primary database.

This system was built using React Native and was hooked up to a provided API.

We look forward to the progression of this application and look forward to working with BIMSafe once more.

Client: BIMSafe
Category: Mobile App
Date: June 2019