HASA Agency

Health and safety at your fingertips

We built a web and mobile system for CoSA / HASA Agency allowing them to sell various online training modules that could be accessed on almost any platform. Other features of the system would include job searches, PPE advice, and an entire library of government-approved documents describing the best practices of health and safety in the construction.

Initially, this was built as a barebones web app and was later branched off into its very own mobile application to make it even more convenient for users to have access to important documentation related to health and safety.

The web version of the system was built using Laravel and Bootstrap, whereas the mobile version of the system took advantage of React-Native which allowed simultaneous development of both Android and iOS devices. We built the mobile app to connect to the website database, allowing synchronous data to be shared between the two systems, meaning the app and website can be updated at the same time.

An administrative system was also attached to the website version of the system which allowed for user management, product management, and analytical feedback.

We really enjoyed working on the system and wish the very best for HASA and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Client:  HASA
Category: Web / Mobile App
Date: March 2019