A Clever Web App Manage Dependants

Originally called Budgety, Looku was designed to be a web app aimed at separated parents to better manage money, time and resources for their dependants. This was a project that we inherited from another software team that had previously incorrectly implemented part of the system.

One of the biggest challenges for this project was deciphering the previous work done on the system and retrofitting it accordingly. Due to its large size and ever-growing functionality, we made sure to frequently meet with our client and host live demonstrations to show our progress and gather feedback that would help us develop a more robust system.

This project was created using Laravel while also taking advantage of Bootstrap to create the user interface. This was also one of the first projects we started using Chart.js to turn the data gathered from the site into visual graphs which could be used to better indicate metrics to its users. A full suite of analytical tools was eventually also integrated into the system, to give the administrators a better feel for what was largely used in the system and what may be underutilised by its users.

We had a great time developing the system and wish the very best for the Looku team!

Client: Looku
Category: Web App
Date: November 2018